A: I have no idea what to buy for Mary for her birthday.
B: Me, neither! Would you like to go in and buy her a
gift together?
A: Yes, that would be good!
B: We need to think about what she might like. What are her interests?
A: If I remember right, she likes music,
skiing, and reading.
B: You know, maybe we could get her some
concert tickets. Who would know her favorite groups?
A: Her
roommate, Malia, might know what her favorite groups are.
B: Yeah, Malia would be able to help us
choose a concert.
A: Let's give Malia a call and ask her for her help
right now.
B: Good! Maybe Malia would like to go in with us on this gift.

Dear pupils, check the assimilation of our last grammar topic - Complex Object. Do the following test. Good Luck!!!

Complex Object Test

Dear pupils, I hope you will find useful 
information for your essays in this 
presentation.Good luck!!!

The National  Heritage of Moldova

Hational heritage of Moldova from Dorina Vacari

How to write a good essay...

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