PI Gymnasium nr. 2, Drochia Moldova, Rusu Alice-Oana 

PI Gymnasium nr. 2, Drochia Moldova, Pîrlii Ina

Holidays Around the World
Mount Litera Zee School, Howrah, India

Holidays Around the World
Gymnasia Nr. 1, Baranovich, Belarus

The Holiday of the Soul
            If I could create a new holiday, I would create «The holiday of the Soul». During this day people will do whatever they want. They will relax and won`t go to work or school. They will read books, speak to each other, listen to music, give each other presents and have fun. They will think about their inner feelings, forgive their enemies and make new friends. People will celebrate it.
                                                        Polina Leush, Gymnasia №1, Baranovichi, Belarus

The Holiday of Kindness
            If I could create a new holiday, I would create «The holiday of Kindness». During this day people will make good deeds. They won`t go to work but make some good things: help each other, help old people, feed homeless animals, talk, praise someone, hug someone, forgive someone and so on.
                                                        Dima Matoch, Gymnasia №1, Baranovichi, Belarus

The Day of Friendship
I think we must have a Day of Friendship. On this day all people must make up with their enemies. The whole day people must go for a walk, talk about something and   spend all the free time with friends.   To my mind, this holiday will be celebrated on 28 of January. I think it is a very good holiday which pulls together people and makes them kinder.
Agnesha, school Nr.4, 7 B, Soligorsk, Belarus

Laziness Day
 I’d like to introduce a new holiday. I think the best name for it is Laziness Day. We will celebrate it on the last Sunday of the year. This holiday is good, because it’s great, when we begin a new year with new forces. You can ask a question – “How to celebrate it?” Easily – on this day you will do only the following things – get relaxed, sleep and eat only the tastiest food.
Maksim, 7 “B”, school №4, Soligorsk, Belarus.

Modern Gadgets Day
I think it will be good if someone creates a holiday of modern gadgets. I think all of us are using modern gadgets nowadays, and we couldn’t spend a day without them. That is why I think that we need to have a holiday in honor of it. In that day people have to go to the square of their city with their gadgets. And then they should switch them on, rotate displays to the sky and wait for the fireworks. In my opinion, it would look very beautiful from the helicopter.                                                                                         Anton, 7 “B”, School #4, Soligorsk, Belarus
 Water Day
At first I’d like to tell you about a holiday witch I invented. I called it Water Days. It will be in summer from the 5th to the 6th of August. On this holiday you and your friends should go to the country and pour water on each other to whole day. On the next day everyone will be able to visit the water park. There will be big discounts. So, that is all I wanted to tell you about my new holiday. I think it will appeal to many people, because it is interesting and very entertaining.                                                                                       Dima 7 “B” school #4, Soligorsk, Belarus                                              

Sweets Day
I’d like to have a holiday of sweets. It is a holiday for all sweet teeth from all over the world and not only. On this holiday all people should eat their favorite sweets and parents mustn’t forbid children to eat many sweets on this day. I’d like to celebrate this holiday on the 31th of August to raise children’s mood. To my mind it would be a cool holiday especially for children.
 Liza 7”B” form Soligorsk, Belarus     

Relaxing Day
I’d   like to tell you about Relaxing Day.  This holiday is celebrated on 27th of May. On this holiday people don’t go to school or to work. Usually they stay at home and relax, watch films, read books. You can also visit your friends. I think it is a good holiday, because people can relax from something.
                                                                        Alina, 7 ‘’B’’, school # 4, Soligorsk, Belarus 

Our Project Idea

Project Idea Template: Holidays Around The World (for the Computer Chronicles 2015-2016 project)
Learning Circle Group: Computer Chronicles Middle School 2015-2016

Sponsoring Teacher: Dorina Vacari

Sponsor School: PI Gymnasium Nr.2

City: Drochia

Country: Moldova

Name of Project: Holidays Around The World

Project Goal: To increase global awareness of the different cultures around the world, and to help children learn about how different cultures celebrate their holidays .The  children will also learn about cultural differences and similarities.  

Type of Writing Requested: a short essay

A)   Survey:                
1.    What is your favorite holiday?
2.    When is it celebrated?
3.    What are the traditional customs of this holiday in your country?
4.    What are the traditional holiday foods?
5.    What do the holiday decorations look like?
6.    What are the traditional holiday colors?
7.    What are the holiday symbols?
8.    What are the holiday songs?
9.    Why these holidays are celebrated?
10.        When was it celebrated for the first time?
11.        And much much more interesting facts about the holiday.
B)  If you could create a new holiday that the entire world would celebrate on one day, which holiday would you create? Why? When would it be celebrated? How would it be celebrated?

Description of What You Are Looking For From Other Schools: We would appreciate if each school will provide us
-        5 submissions of survey (in the form of a short essay/video/presentation of the favorite holiday),
-         5 student’s answers about the new holiday they would like to create,
-        Also we would like to get videos or photos from the holidays celebrations.

Deadline for Receiving Information: November 20, 2015

A short movie about our beautiful town - Drochia

Our Class survey 

PI Gymnasium Nr. 2, Drochia, Moldova

Computer Chronicles Learning Circle 1 on the World Map

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